January 22nd, 2015 by Christian Fellowship PCGHS

It’s already a new year and UCF camp is back! :O *gasps*

Date: 18 March 2015- 20 March 2015 
Theme: Break Free 
Venue: Stella Maris 
Camp fees: RM135 (including T-shirt)

UCF Camp Is Back

Do come and join us and we guarantee you 3 days of fun, torture and love from God. Do invite your friends, the more the merrier right?

If you want to register or you just want to get more information, kindly contact Jin Shuen (P5B).

UCF Camp 2015

July 27th, 2014 by Christian Fellowship PCGHS

Hey girls, we will be having a Reunion for all the UCF campers that attended camp this year. We will be coming together to play CAPTAIN BALL!

Details are as below:

Date: 28/7/2014
Time: 8.00a.m. – 11.00a.m.
Place: Youth Park
Attire: Sports wear

Hoping all of you can make it for this event. You can invite other friends who didn’t come for the camp as well to join in.

June 19th, 2014 by Christian Fellowship PCGHS

As all of you know, we had a UCF camp last holiday so here are some photos for you. All the campers had a whale of time throughout this four days three nights’ camp. We were so blessed to have Pastor David all the way from Acts Church KL as our camp speaker.

From this camp, we met new friends, sang good songs, played crazy games, but the most important of all was that we learnt more about God.


Of course here are only a few parts of what we had during the camp. If you missed this year’s UCF camp, join us next year! We guarantee that you WILL have loads of fun in the camp next year! You WILL love the camp! See you in the future UCF activities and God bless.

June 8th, 2014 by Christian Fellowship PCGHS

Hey girls, sorry for the late post. Here are some reminders for you of UCF Camp 2014.

June 4th, 2014 by Christian Fellowship PCGHS

5 days to camp

5 more days to the awesome-ness that is UCF Camp 2014!

The challenge is

~to come excited for what is planned out!

~to come ready to receive the blessings ahead!

~and to be fried up!

Challenge accepted?

Well, below is a list for you to refer to when you pack for camp.

List of things and stuffs you need to bring for camp:

~Enough appropriate clothes for 4 days which includes:
• Shirts/ T-shirts
• Jeans/ Pants
• Sweater/ Jacket
• Sleep Wear
• Slippers
• Sport shoes and socks
Please note that decent clothes are needed for games and activities. Preferably dark coloured clothes. Strictly NO SHORTS ABOVE KNEE LENGTH are allowed.


~The Bible (if you have any)


~Sunscreen/ Sunblock

~Pocket money (for emergency cases)

~SNACKS! (for supper)
~Personal medication/ Vitamins or Supplements

See you! 🙂

March 29th, 2014 by Christian Fellowship PCGHS

United Christian Fellowship (UCF) is where Christian Fellowship from various schools over Penang came together as one. We, UCF had an Easter celebration on 29/3 in Trinity Methodist Church. It started at 9a.m. and ended at 12p.m.

Warming up before everything started.

We started the event with an ice breaker.

Part of the icebreaker. Everyone was looking for the shoes’ owner.

After the ice breaker, we were divided into three groups to play some games.

The games started.

We were being under the hot sun for about half an hour, then we had some indoor games instead.

“…boom! To Africa boom!”

“…boom! To Malaysia boom!”

All of us had a whale of time during the games. Beside having fun, we learned that it is crucial to have teamwork.

Before listening to the word of God, we had praise and worship. We had invited Pastor Thomas Barnabas from RGBC as the guest speaker for this event. From what he shared, we knew that Easter is not about bunnies, not about eggs, not about celebrations, but it is all of God.

Message from Pastor Tom.

Praise the Lord that in this event, 13 young souls came to know the Lord and also 9 lives of rededication. All glory goes to Him for He alone is worthy.

Be excited! The next UCF event is coming up SOON! Thank you and God bless.